9 things successful driving schools are doing with their websites

A quick guide on improving your driving school website to win more students.

9 things successful driving schools are doing with their websites

These are the key principles to implementing the 9 web design tips and standing out as a TOP driving school.

  1. Firstly think of your ideal student, usually a teenager when creating anything for your driving school
  2. Secondly, create branding on & offline that stands out and appeals to your ideal learner driver
  3. Lastly, providing helpful information will make you stand out as an expert driving school so try to include expert tips at every opportunity

Watch this quick video run-through of the 9 things

The 9 things…

Avoid common mistakes many driving schools make by implementing these 9 things on your website.

  1. Make it mobile
    Mobile-friendly responsive website so teenagers can easily find what they need
  2. Make it memorable
    A strong branded and memorable website so you are remembered over others
  3. Make it easy
    Setup a fast and simple enquiry system that gives extra information to learners
  4. Think of the family
    Offer gift vouchers to help friends & family buy driving lessons for students
  5. Encourage them to pay
    Provide an easy online payment system to buy prepaid driving lessons and courses
  6. Show your successes
    Show happy and successful students with short comments to strengthen your position
  7. Make sure you look open
    Make sure you use fast and secure monitored website hosting
  8. Write about them
    Keep the website text to a minimum with strong titles and content written about them not you
  9. Reach more areas
    Create website landing pages for surrounding areas to your main address

I hope you found these 9 crucial tips helpful and keep them in mind when writing and creating your new driving school website.

Chris Holland 9G Websites

Chris Holland – Website consultant to expert services

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