Are we a match?

Working with established experts like us

We work with businesses run by hard-working company owners who have little time to spare and we are very conscious of this.

If you DON’T want the big agency experience but you DO want the personal 1-2-1 service then you have come to the right company.

We make sure you feel looked after, understood and listened to

Suit you sir!

Are you an expert in your field and provide an excellent service? Then we really do think our solution is just right for you!

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Bog-standard web company

Cheap-and-off-the-shelf or pay-low-monthly-fee companies that give you the basics with little consideration or time to what it really takes to build you a website that understands you and your business

Just right

9G Websites

You get great value for money and a company that ONLY works with established, service based companies. We will work with you to build your business’ website, making you stand out and convert the ‘right’ customers.

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Fancy design agency

Pay through the nose for a fancy agency with a big office and a big team of geeks that don’t get your business, make you feel undervalued, and prefer high-paying corporates

We get you because we are you

Understanding the challenges you and your business face is easier for us because we are the same as you. We can empathise because we struggle with the same things for our business that you do.

Usually if you are struggling with something then we probably have at some point too.

Also, only working with small expert service companies means that we solve the same problems for you time and time again that other companies like corporates and online stores don’t have.

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Why we are different (cringe)

Sadly, every company says this, so it’s important that we establish why 9G really are.

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Done for you

We do the things you don’t want to do or can’t do so you can crack on with your day job. The foundations stage is done with you and everything we do is run by you but basically we do the heavy lifting so it cuts down on your time.

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Be different

This is foremost. You can be different, say different, look different; you just need to be brave enough. And different doesn’t have to be something outlandish, it can be as simple as saying something different.

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You wouldn’t let a stranger take charge of your books so why would you let someone that doesn’t understand your business take control of your business’ number  sales asset? We spend a lot of effort getting to know you and your business so we don’t deliver a website that doesn’t get you what you want.

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Customers first

Without getting too technical on you here we put your customers first. They are who pays your bills and the ones that you help so we make sure your customers’ needs are put first on your website rather than listing your services and talking about shiny vans.

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Follow a plan

We are organised, efficient and have a set plan from start to finish. Our aim is not to overwhelm you but also keep you informed.

Family values

Like a lot of our clients, we have families, which is why we strive to have an organised and profitable company. It means more time to spend with our loved ones.

Myself and my team all have kids and we enjoy working with clients who have the same family values and a strong moral compass.

So now we have 2 things in common:

Small service companies’ problems and families we want to spend time with.

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Replying to emails sucks. WhatsApp rules!

We use instant messaging during projects so that you feel listened to and responded to.

No more waiting 4 days for a reply.

You can ALWAYS talk to us (unless its outside working hours or we’re on holiday!)

People buy people, not d*cks

At the end of the day you buy from people you like and if we were total d*cks you wouldn’t want to spend a few weeks working with us no matter how good we were.

So on that note, we aren’t d*cks and we work with clients who aren’t too.

Our favourite customers are those that are willing to dig into their business, try something better and believe in the value of their time and our skills.

If this offends you we may not be a good fit 🙁

This honesty okay with you? Let’s talk (call 01843 633 009) about why you have done so well and who loves you the most and how to convert the referrals you want.

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