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  • Content written
  • 3 week turnaround
  • 2 hours of client time

Frank got clarity on what was holding him back giving him the confidence to position himself as an expert in his field focusing on accessible showers which is a more profitable service.

Frank from Blue bay bathroom had been sitting on an idea for focusing the business for over a year when he finally decided to act. He had a new van ready to be sign written but he wasn’t sure to continue his existing logo and website. He wanted to speak to someone who could help him make that decision and advise on the business before he committed to anything.

The great thing is that Frank came to me with an open mind, established business and the willingness to learn a new approach to pushing his business forward.

How we helped Franks business

  • Business and sales strategy advice
  • New Logo design
  • Strategic Web design (Monthly rental)
  • Google my business optimisation
  • Google review builder

“Huge thanks to Chris and Mike! We made contact with 9G and had a very friendly and informative meeting with Chris, who ran through our main objectives in detail giving his advice and ideas which were really appreciated. This opened our eyes up to the true direction we wanted to focus our time and energy on. With all the information collected by Chris, Mike then designed a fantastic website which is exactly what we were looking for to promote our business and a fabulous eye-catching logo to match. Thanks again Chris and Mike for all your help and advice, we are looking forward to our ongoing working relationship with you guys…” – Frank Pettit / Owner

A business problem

Franks business is established and successful but, it wasn’t making the right profit from each job. Contracted trades were doing well from the job but Frank was always left to tidy up any loose ends after the trade had gone. Each job had multiple people to manage and the turnaround is longer on a complete bathroom fit with less profit compared to a shower install.

Frank had become a knowledgeable expert in advising and installing accessible showers but the business was still pulling him into full bathroom refits because of his reputation and referrals.

External (obvious ) problems

  • Underperforming website
  • Outdated logo
  • Unbranded van
  • Low Google Business reviews

Internal problems

  • Frank was stuck and not making a decision one way or another on the business
  • Too much time was spent covering other trades work and cutting into family time
  • Full bathroom refits are less profitable and harder work
  • Bluebay was known as a general bathroom company and not a specialist

The real pain point

Frank was sitting on the fence when it came to making a decision about driving the business forward toward accessible showers. The fear of losing clients and not knowing if he needed a separate website specifically for accessible showers was holding him back.

He didn’t know how to position himself to start generating more referrals for accessible showers.

Frank’s Goal

To build the business around the quicker and more profitable accessible shower projects.

The Strategy

To re-brand Bluebay as an accessible shower expert and prioritise this whilst still presenting a good solution for complete bathrooms in order not to lose business whilst building up the showers.

Tactics used

  • Increase the project price to reflect your quality and expertise
  • Offer an upsell of a comfort toilet to help clients further
  • Improve the sales process by meeting with prospects to discuss shower quotations
  • Positioned his business as an expert in accessible showers focusing on his ideal client which was 60+
  • rebranded his bathroom company to show expertise in accessible showers
  • A customer-focused website that builds confidence and stands you apart from other bathroom companies
  • Target your ideal client of 60+ by identifying their problem, empathising and offering an expert solution
  • Create an accessible shower plan that highlights quick turnaround and partial refit

The result

Its an ongoing process of improving images, building Google reviews and getting better at the sales process but Frank can now confidently sell his services from referrals and his ageless magazine ads alongside his newly sign-written van.

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