How to use instagram for business

If you arent sure about posting on Instagram, these short, sharp Instagram tips will show you how to present yourself, set up your posts, and get the most out of the platform.

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Look, I’m no guru but I have learnt over the past year what works for me and what is manageable. I enjoy Instagram because I can have fun with it and jump between my business and my home life.

Instagram is a fun and easy way to show up in front of people but many trades, contractors, and building industry consultants don’t know how to use it properly.

Personally, I find focusing on one channel such as Instagram works for me rather than trying to post on everything. I do, however, push my Insta posts to Facebook when relevant. I don’t post my personal stuff on Facebook Business.

Have a quick read and a few of these tips should help you get more reach and engagement from your posts.

Instagram can get them to Know and Like you

Like any form of marketing, Instagram needs to go through 3 phases to move cold viewers into the realm of customers.

  1. Know – Are you on their radar?
  2. Like – Do they like you? Do they like your brand or service?
  3. Trust – Do they trust you as an authority in your industry and to solve their problem?

I believe Instagram can do the first 2 very well over time but you are needed in order to build the TRUST phase and push them over the line.

3 Important questions to ask before Instagramming

Ask yourself these and it will help define your Instagram strategy.

  1. How do you want to be seen?
  2. Who is the ideal client you want to attract?
  3. What locations do you want to post to?

The answers below are how I use Instagram for my business

  1. How do you want to be seen? I want to be seen as a professional creative and fun family man. After all, people buy people and I’m guessing like my business, people buy into you, so show it off.
  2. Who is the ideal client you want to attract? I use the channel to attract companies like builders, plumbers, architects, electricians, and other professional companies that are linked to the building industry. This really helps me choose who is following carefully and who I want to attract.
  3. What locations do you want to post to? I initially want to focus on local areas like Ramsgate, Thanet, and Kent. My aim a couple of years ago was to bring my catchment area back to local service businesses.

Top tips for posting on Instagram

  1. Have a strong, descriptive bio that clearly states who and how you help
  2. Create a links page to show in the bio – have a page so you can help people find what they want from your posts
  3. Show off the real you – if it’s your intention, post personal and business too
  4. Create content that shows you and your skills
  5. Post at least once per day but don’t feel guilty about it
  6. Don’t overthink it; your posts are 1 in a billion and they don’t need to be perfect
  7. Write a short comment that backs up your content or tells a story
  8. Use up to 30 hashtags in your post
  9. Put your hashtags in a comment after posting to keep it tidy
  10. Video yourself giving advice or explaining something


Important info about hashtagging your posts

Hashtagging is how you increase the reach of your posts. I use 30 hashtags to target specific types of businesses:

#business #businessowner #businessman #businessowners #businessmen #contractor #contractors #landscapecontractor #electricalcontractor #generalcontractor #roofingcontractor #subcontractor #flooringcontractor #electricalcontractors #plumbingcontractor #generalcontractors #securitycontractor #buildingcontractor #niceic #gassafe #ramsgate #thanet #isleofthanet #builders #buildersofig #architects #broadstairs #margate #kentbusiness

Resources for creating Instagram Posts

  • Try using HashTag Me App – You can save the tags and past to your post each time. Free to use
  • Inshot – A great photo and video creation app for your phone. £3 per month

Create a video of yourself

It’s a bit cringey and nerve-racking at first but helping your target audience through experienced advice is a sure way to make you stand out in a crowded market.

Quite simply, there aren’t many people in your industry doing it, so give it a try.

  1. Viewers want your knowledge and don’t care if it’s a bit shaky
  2. Make sure the sound is good
  3. Talk about a common problem
  4. Explain a bit of work you have done
  5. Give them a guided tour of something
  6. Be imaginative


Instagram is a great way to show people the real you and how you help your target clients. Things don’t have to be perfect – you don’t have to post a million times a day – but get in the habit of putting yourself out there regularly, otherwise no one will know how good you are.

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