Make it worthwhile and get more referrals

Referrals are a fantastic source of new leads but, without a decent reward scheme, they are hard to control. Say thanks with more than just words and encourage your clients to give you great leads by creating something juicy for them.

Want 12 new additional clients?

Imagine putting something simple in place that could generate at least 1 new referral per month.

How much would 12 new clients be worth to you over the next year?

One simple way to increase referrals is to offer a kick-back for the person referring but it has to be good.

Creating an incentive for referrals will supercharge your word of mouth campaign and gain you more business.

Here are some quick tips from my experience to help you…

1/ Many clients refer us anyway but, they can forget about us, out of sight out of mind.

If you offer them something worthwhile as a thank you it can help stick in their mind.

I recently thanked a client for a referral that lead to new business with a £100 Amazon voucher. He was very chuffed with his present 🙂 and this approach works really well for us!

2/ It’s got to be worth their while, Think about this when creating yours…

How much is my lead worth = £1000
How much would it cost me in advertising to realistically get a new lead = £100
How much am I willing to pay someone who refers me = £50

*Rule of thumb is 5%-10% of lead worth spent in advertising

3/ It’s not about how much you are losing, its about how much you are gaining.

Is a £20 Amazon voucher really gonna get someone excited about remembering you and recommending you?

4/ Amazon vouchers are great as you can do them electronically and everyone loves Amazon.

5/ You can always create a website page like this to help educate your clients.

6/ Let new clients know early on about your great referral incentives.

How can you add in a short message to your quotes, invoices or on-boarding?

7/ You can even preload referral discounts into your invoices. It’s like an upfront reward.


£300 discount based on x3 referrals over the next 12 months.

This is a little riskier but it can work really well if you get the terms right and can follow up regularly.

So, don’t leave the chance of a referral to the luck of the gods, try something new for your business and test it to see if it works.

Get enough referrals already? Then maybe use this approach to attract more higher-value leads from higher-value clients.

Chris Holland 9G Websites

Chris Holland – Website consultant to expert services

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