Is your business too busy?

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In 5 minutes I can help you realise there is an alternative to just pushing on with a ‘too busy’ business. Its starts with being aware that you are ‘too busy’ and then you can start to think about what sucks away your valuable time and how to change it.

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Do you feel like this at the end of your day?

Have you had a busy day, I mean the kind of day where you haven’t stopped and the business stuff you were gonna do never got done? And I’m betting you still have to do the quotes and other company chores because there just isn’t enough time in the day. If this is the case then this could be the first step for you.

The signs of being too busy

It sounds silly that you can be TOO BUSY in business but it seems to be a symptom of the expert clients that we work with. They are victims of their own success. Getting too busy with too much work and not making enough time for their personal life. Business seems to be taking over their life with less and less time to enjoy it.

  • Working late into the evenings
  • Working weekends when you don’t want to
  • No time to work on the business
  • Find it difficult to take time off
  • Being pulled from pillar to post

It doesn’t have to be like this if you start to become aware that you are too busy rather than just pushing on with the way things are.

A short story…

Ben was stretched too thin

Recently Ben from a busy windscreen company in Gillingham got in contact because he was fed up of being run off his feet and not spending enough time with the family.

Ben’s business was established, he was a recognised expert in his field with companies like Mercedes Benz and he has great fleet customers like Plimlico but, there was areas in his business that were unfocused and making him too busy.

After the initial business assessment call, it turns out that Ben was too busy and had been for years and was now deciding to make some great business decisions in order to fix this. Taking time to pull his head out of the trenches long enough to see what was affecting his business gave Ben the motivation to do something about his busy day and not just put up with it.

When the call finished it was clear I could help build on those decisions and create a strategy to help him get some valuable hours back by focusing his target market and his offering.

How Ben can focus his business

  • Attract more local business to cut down on travel time
  • Target public customers who were mostly business lease customers
  • Stand out from the start-up windscreen companies
  • Strengthen his offer to the account customers

What is your biggest time-suck?

When you have a coffee later, take 10 minutes and just THINK about whats eaten up your time today that shouldn’t have done.

  • Did a small job stress you out?
  • Was there a customer that got in the way of today’s scheduled work?
  • Did something come up that was reactive rather than planned?
  • what is your biggest time-suck?

Ask yourself “why did that happen” and then ask, “how could you have avoided it”.

Start reflecting on your business and your life to see how you can simplify your day.

I reckon one of these will be a simple “oh yeah i could have done that” but probably the big ones will take some bigger steps to avoid.

Take back control of your life. Enjoy your business again and choose the customers you want to work with.

Its not a quick process but awareness is the first step to improving your BUSYness.

Hope this was helpful!

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