How to standout as THE expert on CheckaTrade

5 tips to help great trades get more leads on CheckaTrade in 60 minutes without spending days figuring it out.

Make your listing work harder

Yes you may be busy and even booked up for months but, you are paying for your Checkatrade listing and it needs to work for you. With some extra effort you can make sure you get every possible lead.

As you know CheckaTrade is a crowded place, potential customers have so much choice and will compare you to every other builder on there.

This will help you gain more leads from the directory and set you up as a CheckTrade pro.

Ok so straight to the point, you can follow these steps and make sure your CheckaTrade profile place you as the expert over others.

Some of these are easier than others and some do require you to change the way you think about the directory.

Remember not to under estimate the importance of even the smallest details!

Steps to follow to look like the local expert

  1. Build trust with the basics
  2. Choose something to be an expert in
  3. Make your intro text super specific
  4. Show relevant projects
  5. Link your website to your specific service page

1 Build trust with the basics

Don’t let little details lose you jobs. Customers are very judgy and will score you down if you haven’t invested in your companies image compared to other businesses.

Tips to build trust and relevance on CheckaTrade

  • Relevant company name. Leave out Ltd or Limited.
  • Use a relevant background image.
  • Write your company description around your main service and include the service words such as extensions early on.
  • Use a landline as well as a mobile. Your landline says that you have a base and are less likely to disappear.
  • Use a company email such as
  • Show a link to your website.
  • Show a personal contact such as John Smith – Owner.
  • Group your images into specific groups. Make sure your main service images are first.

2 choose something to be an expert in

Pro-tip: The most important point on here.

Pick a main service. Every building firm out there lists everything. How can you standout to your ideal customer if you talk about being an expert in everything.

What could Checkatrade be for you? The more specific you are the better and I know its scary just picking one thing because you do everything. But, Imagine being the go-to guy for extensions or, loft conversions in your area.

Example. If you were Joe Bloggs looking a large extension build who would you pick?

A general builder with a mix of projects with a couple of extensions showing


A specialist builder of energy efficient property extensions. He has only images of quality extensions

3 Make your intro text super specific

Your customers are so zoned into their search they are looking for extreme relevancy as most have little time.

Re-write your company intro to hit the spot quickly mentioning their search term and talk about them first!


“Here at our building company we cater for every job no big or too small with years of experience working in the local area.”


“Are you looking for a local builder who specialises in extensions? We have a small highly trained team of builders with over 100 extensions under their belt based in Ramsgate.”

4 Show relevant projects

Once you have shown them you are relevant and said you can do what they need they will want to see PROOF.

They will be looking at the quality of your work, the style and making sure you CAN actually do what you say.

Improve your images:

  • Profile Background image – Show a finished image relating to your core service so it connects in your customers mind
  • Gallery images – Include only your best images and focus on the finished article. Showing the process can come later on your website
  • Reviews – Where you can try and get reviews related to your core service

5 Linking your website to your specific service

Pro-tip: This one does depend on how many categories you are listed. You have two options here depending on your listings:

  1. Link to your service page not your homepage.
    If you can send the them to a page on your website that relates to their search then you are one step ahead. You will save them time, you wont risk confusing and losing them. For example,
  2. Link to your home page.
    If you have to link to your websites homepage then please do 1 thing. Make it easy for them to find the service they are looking for. As mentioned, if you confuse them you lose them.

They have searched once in Checkatrade, they will get frustrated searching again on your website.


Chris Holland 9G Websites

Chris Holland – Website consultant to expert services

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