Referral reward scheme

Recomend us and reduce your monthly fees

Up to £100 for a referral

We love referrals and it’s only fair that you get a thank you, even if a referral doesn’t end up becoming a client.

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Give us a good warm introduction (£20)

Give us a solid warm introduction where I can call them and get paid £20 even if they don’t buy.

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They buy from us (£120 Per year)

We will reduce your monthly costs with us by £10 per month for the life of your subscription.

Not a client? We will give you a further £80 if they continue to become a client with us.

* Minimum client spend £500+vat

What is a warm introduction?

It’s a referral where you pass on their details, not ours! 

It’s a great introduction method where we call the person rather than hoping they will call us.

A warm introduction has to be the following:

  • They know I will call them!
  • You have asked to give me their phone number and email address
  • They have shown interest in my services

What does 9G do? We help busy established service companies show how good they are and convert more of the “right” customers with only a few hours of their time.

Who is a good client for 9G?

We work with expert company owners who need to position their business better and attract more of the RIGHT customers.

  • They do great work but don’t look the part
  • A busy established service company
  • Someone who runs a service based business

What do they get? They will get a free 1-2-1 branding consultation with Chris to help move their business forward.

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