Show how you really helped with your projects

Your projects are your proof to your prospects that you can do what you say! The overall finished shots of your project are great and go part of the way to persuading them you can help but, the devil is in the detail.


This is our recipe that we are currently using to help our clients show real detail on how they helped their customers:

  • Who are they
    Simple outlining details about the client. Maybe sector, name, company etc
  • What NEED triggered them to find your service
    Not why they picked you but, why they were looking for your service in the first place
  • Rating details (specific to your industry, something like value, location)
    People often search by relevancy. Use your specific rating factors to help them find example projects like them. This often comes down to budget range, location or size of job in some way.
  • Services you offered for the project (shopping list)
    The obvious shopping list of services you provided. Its useful to show the extent of what you offered to produce the results
  • 3 ways you really helped them (there can be more)
    How you helped is the juicy part. This is usually specific to each customer and shows a great level of detail rather than the standard stuff.

An Example we could use for a recent project:

#1 Getting started with us section (
We planned and implemented this section which helped parents see the next steps after arranging a showround. This educated them on the process putting them at ease when placing a child and reducing questions early on.

getting started tmn

Hope this titbit helped. Til next time ?

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