How to create a website portfolio

Your competitors have good work too so how can you create an online portfolio that shows the depth of how your service really helped? Keep it quality, simple and include key stats.

how to create a website portfolio

The Champ’s Portfolio Guide

Your portfolio can be called a works gallery, a portfolio or your projects. They are all a way to prove you can do what you say. Underestimate this at your peril.

Challenges you face with your website gallery

These are important to consider when updating and creating yours.

  • Your website visitors have short attention spans so won’t read loads
  • They only want to see what’s relevant to them and their situation
  • Everyone has a good gallery these days so it’s hard to stand out
  • Keeping it updated can be a pain and easily forgotten

Top tips to create a portfolio that sells

Use these top tips to create the gallery you need to show off your worth.

  1. It’s the best of the best so, be selective in what you show and don’t add too much
  2. Only show high-quality images and avoid fake stock images
  3. Show key statistics that your clients care about
  4. Talk about the real problem you solved in the first place
  5. Show before and after transformations where relevant
  6. Don’t include process or progress images here

Here are a few examples of some effective website portfolios

My top tip for you

Is Key service stats! Well, that’s what I call them.

What two or three key bits of info can you highlight on each project that your perfect client will care about.

Could be something like project value, job size, location or turnaround.

Check out LNM’s website gallery here Lnm Projects.

We added in info that focused on scale and fast turnaround.

What do your clients care about?

What could you include that makes you better than the next service provider?

Action tips

  • Review once a quarter
  • Have a maximum number of projects
  • Only show your best projects

Take action today and update your website’s gallery…It’s a massive trust factor when your clients choose a company.

Chow for now.


Chris Holland 9G Websites

Chris Holland – Website consultant to expert services

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