6 Steps to Quickly Plan a Service Website

Planning an effective website that won’t drop a tonne of content on your lap is hard but, following these 6 steps will get you thinking about your website as an extension of your business to easily plan a profitable website that will make you money. Download the cheatsheet here >

Here are the 6 Steps to planning a website that will help your service-based business thrive

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#1 Stake Your Claim [Homepage]
Your homepage should state what type of company you are, what makes you different from others in your industry and the main areas you serve.

#2 Outline Your Money Makers [Service Pages]
Think about the future direction of your business, what services really make you money and what leads you have coming in now that you want to help convert with your website. Make a shortlist of 1-3 services.

Download the cheatsheet here >

Part 2 – Video

#3 Identify Your Ideal Clients [Persona]
Think about 3 or 4 clients you have recently worked with for each service. Which client would you like to attract more of? This is your ideal client and each money-making service you offer needs to be written specifically for your best client.

#4 Create a Strong Next Step [Enquiry System]
This is your main enquiry system for those ready to take the first step. What action should they take to start working with you? Arrange a consultation, Home survey, get a quote. Make it helpful. Consider what 2 or 3 additional questions you may want to ask on top of their contact details but keep your form short and quick.

Download the cheatsheet here >

Part3 – Video

#5 Provide Positive Proof [Gallery/Projects]
This is your opportunity to show off and prove you can do what you say. Your proof page can come in the form of a works gallery or projects section. Also consider if you want them to pick certain categories to view like extensions, kitchens, loft conversions.

#6 Offer a way to ask [Contact]
Your contact page is important for people who want to ask a quick question but IT IS NOT your main enquiry method. Contact us is not helpful to anyone ready to buy from you!

Download the cheatsheet here >

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What's needed in a website that sells

You need to implement these 6 things to improve your company offering and increase the leads from your website.


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