Where to get your business cards printed

Follow these steps to quickly get your newly designed business cards printed at SoloPress to give a superb first impression. Skimp on the print and it may affect your reputation making you come across cheap.

Order your new business cards online from SoloPress

Here is a  guide to ordering your new cards online.


SoloPress have been a favoured printer of ours for years offering a variety of quality printed products with a quick turnaround, short runs and competitive prices.

#1 Select your type of  business card

Visit SoloPress to choose from a selection of business cards.

#2 Make sure you select the right size 85x55mm

Your business cards have been designed to 85x55mm unless you have been told otherwise.

#3 Always select double-sided business cards

Don’t make the mistake of ordering single-sided cards when you have a double-sided design.

#4 Choose your quantity of cards

They offer great rates on short and longer print runs with quick delivery.

#5 Upload business card artwork we sent you

Once you hit checkout you will be asked to upload the artwork PDF we have sent you.

Hope this helped 🙂

Chris Holland 9G Websites

Chris Holland – Website consultant to expert services

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