Review builder system to get more google reviews

Make it easy for your clients to leave you a Google review and handle negative feedback before it goes public.

You often won’t get reviews from your clients unless it is quick and easy to do so. You also run the risk of receiving negative reviews that could put other potential clients off.

Your clients are busy and people in general can be quite lazy. Therefore, if you’re going to ask a client for a review, you have to make it worth their while, very easy, or both.

Our new feedback system handles this for you.

How does our feedback system work?

You can provide your clients with an incredibly simple way to leave you a positive Google review.

You’ll also be able to handle negative feedback without it going public.

Here’s how it works:

1. Ask for a star rating

our review system 01

First, your client can rate your service from 1-5, which will dictate what they are shown next.

The system considers 1-3 stars as a “bad” rating and 4-5 as a “good” rating.

2. Ask for a review or feedback

Bad rating.

If the client rates you badly, you offer the chance for them to give some feedback.

You and you alone will receive the comments, they will not be posted publicly.

You now have the chance to respond to their complaints and hopefully turn their frown upside down!

Your client may be willing to leave you a positive review if you resolve their issue/s.

our review system 02

Good rating.

If the client rates you well, they are asked to share their opinion on Google. In addition, they will be given some simple instructions and a link to leave a review on Google.

The client can send feedback directly to you if they don’t want to review you on Google.

If you wish to offer an incentive, this form can easily be customised to do so.

our review system 3

3. Send the client to Google to leave a review

At the click of a button, your client can visit your Google My Business profile’s reviews section.

All they have to do now is leave a review. Simple!

How does the feedback system benefit you?

Our new client feedback system aims to make leaving a review on Google as easy as possible.

This is achieved by hosting the system on your own website, giving you a simple link that you can pass to your clients.

Negative feedback comes directly to you, allowing you to keep the comments internally and handle complaints effectively.

Your client is more likely to leave a review when the effort required is minimised. This feedback system does just that.


You’ll get this feedback system included when you sign up to one of our great web packages. As there’s a strong chance that your competitors aren’t doing this, you can gain a clear edge and get some easy Google Reviews.

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