The professional service company checklist

You don’t have to look like a complete cheese like this photo but, looking like a professional service every time a prospect sees your brand is key to winning better clients and charging what you are worth.

how to look like a pro service

How to look even more professional in your everyday business

Nearly every client we work with ends up in advice on upgrading other parts of the business and not just their website in order to look their best.

Why look your best? It’s all about trust. You are great at what you do but your client won’t know that until they buy from you. Let any of the small things slip and it’s like a chink in your armour.

Think about how new prospects see you. Confusion or doubt leads to lost jobs or lowering your prices.

The Professional Image Checklist

What can you check off about your company? Plus there are a few recommendations for local suppliers we trust.

Your company’s offline image

  • Modern logo
    Your logo is the cornerstone of your business. Putting a poor logo on a nice van or a professional website can look like putting lipstick on a pig
  • Sign written vehicles
    It still amazes me that local companies drive around with a blank work van when for a few hundred quid you can turn it into a mobile advertising board!
    I recommend Rob over at Graphical Sign
  • Branded uniforms
    Nothing fills clients with trust and puts them at ease more than having you and your team turn up in clothing with your logo on
    I recommend Jay and Kiki over at Evolution Branded Clothing
  • Business cards
    Used for introductions when out and about, make it personal maybe even put your pic on it.
    I recommend Solo Press for quality business cards from an online printer
  • Branded invoices
    Sending your client a tidy invoice with your logo instils confidence and professionalism
    I recommend using Xero invoicing software
  • Site boards
    If you are a domestic service then site boards are a cost-effective way to attract clients from the surrounding area
    I recommend Rob over at Graphical Sign for printing your site boards

Your online image

  • Short & clear web domain
    Nothing worse than typing a 20 letter domain name that hardly fits on your business card or spelling it out to people.
  • Professional, Responsive Website
    A non-existent or non-mobile responsive website is a bad first impression
  • Company domain email address
    Hotmail and Outlook email addresses rather than you@yourcompany shouts ‘Im not a serious business’
    I recommend: Neil over at Magic IT to upgrade your systems
  • Google My Business
    If someone Googles your company name your Google My Business is often the first thing they come across
  • Google reviews
    You can easily get out-ranked or lose out on business if you have no Google reviews


Take action on even a couple of these points and you will look and feel more professional when closing those ideal clients.

The benefit of being more professional to you?

Don’t be just like the others. Seal the gaps in your company’s image and look professional in every part of your business so you don’t lose trust when closing a sale.

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Chris Holland – Website consultant to expert services

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