Create a simple email marketing system for your business

I’m not saying it’s easy but its something worth investing in as your contacts list contains a wealth of prospects that may buy upgrades or cross-sells In the future. Don’t underestimate it.

The problem

You have a list of contacts and prospects but you don’t know how to create a simple system to keep in touch

The solution

Create an easy to use Drip email marketing system that automatically updates with new clients and prospects that you can regularly send out information.

A great example

I have had a list of our email contacts for years since we first started to use drip email systems but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to communicate regularly and build value with my list.

Recently we sent out 2 emails about new services and got 7 new leads resulting in nearly £700 of recurring subscriptions. Without a system, in place like this, we wouldn’t have been able to firstly build value by educating our clients and secondly make an offer to them.

The results are long term, slowly nurturing relationships and being there when they need your help.

Questions you need to answer for this

  1. What software will you use to send your emails
  2. Where do you keep the most up to date list of contacts
  3. How will you keep the list updated with new contacts
  4. What groups of contacts are in your list (clients, prospects, website-prospects)
  5. What content will you send
  6. How often can you realistically send content
  7. Do you need to outsource the doing of the email shot
  8. What services, upgrades or cross-sells can you weave into your content schedule
  9. What landing pages or blogs will you send them to

The benefit to you?

Always getting new clients is harder than upgrading existing ones or re-engaging existing leads so, double down on your efforts to keep in touch with your client list but remember the golden rule.

Don’t email sales and offers all the time. You wouldn’t like to be continually sold to so add value by educating and helping first with a few offers thrown in the mix.

Chris H

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